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Porcelain Ceramic Tile are Making a Comeback

If you have been shopping for home renovation material, you may have come across large and ultra-thin porcelain ceramic tiles in many tile stores. The traditional porcelain tiles have undergone an impressive makeover and now come in a unique format and several mechanical properties. These new and improved tiles are larger, thinner, modern and more elegant than their traditional counterpart.

Why Are Porcelain Tiles Becoming A Preferred Choice?
Some important features that make them a preferred choice among homeowners and builders include:

  • They are large (5 by 7 feet) and extremely thin (1/8 to ¼ inch)
  • They have a wide variety of applications both indoors and outdoors
  • They can be used for any kind of climate. They can endure freezing cold, temperate and
    hot temperatures without any damage
  • They do not absorb water and therefore do not crack under cold temperatures
  • They can be molded to cover countertops or other rounded corners in kitchens and
  • They do not react with chemicals to leave behind dull spots like marble and limestone
  • Since they are large in size, fewer tiles are required to cover any room, thereby reducing the number of grout lines. Even the ones that do appear are almost invisible.
  • There is little or no site preparation required, they are easy to install and demand no
    maintenance over time.

Characteristic: Color
Currently, they are available in white, cream, beige, grey, griege, light brown, deep grey and dark brown. They also come in solid colors, stone imitations and translucent material like glass. Some of them are spitting images of wood, textile patterns, marble, concrete, etc.

Characteristic: Surface Finish
Depending on your choice, you can pick a soft matte or something very glossy which reflects your face. The texture can be smooth, slightly irregular or nubby.

Applications of Porcelain Ceramic Tiles
Let’s look at how they can be used in different parts of the house

● Bathroom
One of best applications of these tiles is for bathrooms. These tiles can be easily placed over existing bathroom tiles, saving you loads of time, effort and money. The installation is simple and quick. It is not messy and requires little time to dry. Typically, in a bathroom, tiles of 4 by 4 inches with thickness of about 3/4 inches are used. Porcelain tiles come in varied sizes, and they may be larger than the standard version.

If you are opting for the supersized version of 20 by 40 inches, they can be used to finish walls as well as flooring. You may need a smaller size for tub surrounds, vanity cabinets and toilets.

Satisfied customers have raved about the marble-like look of these tiles when used for bathroom floors and walls in online reviews.

● Kitchen
Porcelain ceramic tiles are a great fit in the kitchen. They can be placed around countertops, kitchen peninsula, sinks, floors, walls, etc. They are stain resistant so you don’t need to worry about leaving dirty dishes in the sink overnight or those stubborn pickle stains. They are also scratch and crack resistant. If a wok or some heavy pan falls on the tile, rest assured, it will not damage the tile. Some manufacturers are also attempting to install burners directly into the counter, eliminating the need for a separate cooktop. Manufacturers are still pushing the limits of these tiles so make them the ideal option for kitchens.

● Outdoors
These tiles can be used for outdoor patios, driveways, sidewalks, swimming pool and outdoor fireplace surrounds. They are climate agnostic and put up well with any kind of weather – be it frigid cold or burning hot. Using the same tile indoors as well as for the outdoor patio makes the space look wider. The most notable use is for the driveway.. Once the soil is leveled, the tiles can be slipped into place. Large, thick tiles are the best option as they can carry the weight of the car. Moreover, Installing them is easy, as it requires little preparation and maintenance.

Next time, when you are considering remodeling that kitchen or bathroom, porcelain tiles must be on your list of options. Some tile suppliers have the visualizer tool to give you a perfect picture of what the finished tile-work will look like. Go for the marble look-alike or that glossy wood finish!

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