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Prawn Ceviche

The history starts by the invention of writing as we all know. But from where I stand, the civilization as we know it today starts by the invention of fire. Then again, what did people eat before fire? How did they cook? You don’t always need a fire to cook your food. Back then, the citrus was already there. The acid was already there. And people most likely used the gift of cooking without the heat. Today, we will do just that. The delicate and velvety meat of prawns will meet the citrus. So get yourselves some prawns.

We’ve all been to how to peel and devein the prawns on our previous posts so I will not go into it. Wash your prawns thoroughly and throw then into a mixing bowl. Start seasoning right away with cosher salt and crushed ‘prefferably white’ pepper. Zest the skin and milk the juice out of a lime. Dunk it on the prawns. Do the same with half a lemon. Add a tea spoon of white wine vinegar and cover with plastic wrap. Observe the prawns going white and opaque rather than being pink and transluscent. Once there, the cooking process will all be over.

Traditionally the recipe mandates shallots or red onions to dress but I for one am a believer of spring onions for their crunch and freshness when it comes to ceviche. Chop ’em whites and greens together and add on the prawns. Cilantro is always better as herbing up but parsley makes a perfect running mate as well. Chop either finely and throw into the bowl. You will also need some heat on the prawns, so get any kind hot chili ‘most likely jabanero or jalapeno’. Remove the seeds, chop really really finely and mix them all around. Oven baked mini corn tortillas are the best to serve your ceviche on but if you can’t get your hands on them, corn chips will be just as good. Heck you can always pick your favorite spiced up version too! Once your prawns are on top of corn crisps, drizzle some olive oil. Sauvignon Blanc or a fine Riesling will go superb with this dish.

Prawn CevichePhoto Credit: gourmetfury

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