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Why Being Prepared is the Best Prevention for Mistakes

This a quick little lesson for any self-employed tradespeople out there who’ve ever forgotten a vital part for a job or found themselves in the middle of a job and missing an essential component to get the job done properly. Just imagine: You’re setting out for a new job or going into the field to do some work. You’ve checked and rechecked everything and double-checked again to make sure that you’re not missing any essentials that you’re going to need to do the job properly. Imagine as well that the job you’re setting out to do is a day’s drive away, and that you absolutely have to take everything with you into the field. It’s hard enough work being a plumber, fitter, welder or tradesperson without having to factor in being a sole contractor who has to keep stock of all their stock.

It makes sense to have a checklist of all the stock that you’re going to ever need for your work, and to maintain it with regular stocktakes and measures of that stock. It also helps if you have a system in place for re-ordering items and stock like industrial supplies so that you never find yourself scrambling around at the last minute trying to locate a vital piece or part. So how do you get organised if you’re not usually very good at that sort of thing? Here are a couple of tips for the business owner to get a more savvy and well oiled machine up and running!

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1. Have a stock list. This is the back bone of your excellent and new organised system. Creating the stock list involves going through all of your existing stock and working out what items you have, how many of them, where you order them from, what the par level is that you need to keep them at, and what you use them for. Once you have created a great list of all of the items that you need, it will be far easier to manage ordering more.

2. Make yourself accountable. This is a good one for making sure that you’re going to stick to your new plan of better organisation. If you make sure that everything is on you if you run out of something or mess something up, eventually you’ll be less likely to miss something because you’ll be in trouble!

3. Use an online ordering system. Not a bad choice, even for the less internet savvy among us. Ordering online is a great way to scroll through and browse for items and products and makes looking for somewhat obscure items that little bit easier. You certainly don’t have to traipse around the city or countryside looking for a product in a store when you can do a search online. Sure, eventually you might need to go out and buy something physically but buying items online – especially in bulk – can make for getting organised a whole lot easier. Using a website like gotstock.com.au can mean that even when you order products you get emailed an invoice so you can keep track of what you’ve ordered and when.


4. If all else fails, hire an expert. There are some people who are better organised that others, and if you fall into the less organised category, it might be in your best interests and that of your business’s interests to get a professional on board to look after your stock and manage ordering and supplies. That way you can get on with the important stuff like running your business! After all – your most valuable asset is your time, and spending it on the stuff you love is really important.

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