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Project: Custom Made Tea Towels

Nowadays, you may notice that tea towels have become one of the most popular culinary accessories and by the help of easy-to-follow tutorials, you don’t need to break a bank to have various of them. Just go to a dollar store and get lots of plain towels then decide on your project. We believe you will find this roundup inspiring enough to make a series of your own tea towels.

neon_dots_tea_towelTutorial: ohmyhandmade

abstract_print_tea_toweTutorial: hellohomeshoppe

rick_rack_dish_towelsTutorial: aestheticnest

handwritten_tea_towelTutorial: letsgosunning

tea_towelsTutorial: sauvages

animal_stenciled_tea_towelTutorial: fineandfeathered

easter_bunny_tea_towelTutorial: designdininganddiapers

loveTutorial: seasonedhomemaker

stenciled_tea_towelsTutorial: number-2-pencil

vintage_tea_towelTutorial: purlbee

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