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Quick and Handheld Meal: Burritos

Running late for dinner but want something healthier than takeout and just as delicious? Lean a tortilla and stuff it with what you like, roll it up and your dinner is ready! To make it more diet-friendly try whole grain tortilla and toss some vegetables and cheese in it.Don’t consider burritos as just dinner, you can also have them for breakfast, packed lunch and camping food. Homemade burritos are quick to prepare and not loaded with heavy Mexican spice. It takes hardly no time at all as the oven does most of the work. All you need is various recipes especially for filling and we gathered our favourites for you. Enjoy!

Breakfast Burritos
burritos10Recipe: bitethesegoodies

burritos06Recipe: magda-whatsfordinner

Lamb Burritos
burritos09Recipe: adventures-in-cooking

Omelet Breakfast Burritos
burritos03Recipe: thecreeksidecook

Cucumber, Tomato & Yogurt
burritos02Recipe: eatyrgreens

Buffalo Chicken Burritos
burritos07Recipe: bevcooks

Chicken Burritos
burritos08Recipe: jocooks

Breakfast Tortilla
burritos04Recipe: mrbreakfast

Black Bean Burritos
burritos005Recipe: preventionrd

burritos01Recipe: cookingwithtricia

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