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Recipes For The Best Summer Fruit Pies

Nothing could be easier than making a fruit pie! All you need is a crust and some fruits depending on your taste. Once you’re done with the crust, whether you bake it yourself or use a store-bought one, then you are to decide on the fruits that you will make the filling with. If you are a raw food enthusiast, your work is easier with a minimum of preparation or fuss, but if you want to try something more sophisticated then you will need some thickener, spice and butter. So prepare the ingredients and don’t wait to try these recipes as all the summer fruits are at their best.

Silky Strawberry Lime Pie
sily-strawberry-pieRecipe: homemadelevity

Banana Cream
banana-cream-pieRecipe: pickyin

Fresh Strawberry
fresh-strawberry-pieRecipe: momwhats4dinner

Mango and Fresh Figs
mango-pie-fresh-figsRecipe: lemonfirebrigade

Sweet Mulberry & Chocolate Tart
sweet-berry-chocolate-tartRecipe: yummly

Ricotta & Pineapple
ricotta-pineapple-pieRecipe: tideandthyme

Fresh Berry
fresh-berry-tartRecipe: ohsweetday

Frozen Berry
frozen-berry-cream-pieRecipe: veganyumminess

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