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Reducing Heat Loss in the Home – Windows and Doors

Did you know that you can lose up to 30% of your home’s heat through your windows and doors? That’s a third of your heat disappearing into thin air! Especially if one or more of them haven’t been installed properly, or are starting to show signs of wear and tear. Obviously, if your heating bills are higher than you expect, then there’s a good chance that a window or more importantly, a door, is the culprit. There are ways to prevent heat loss without going out and doing a complete revamp of your entire home’s windows and doors.

One great way of retaining heat is to use an energy-efficient thermal curtain. In the colder months these can be invaluable and can reduce heat loss by up to ten percent. A good thermal curtain shouldn’t cost you any more than $20 and once installed (this is pretty easy to do too) should provide an immediately noticeable difference. The great thing about thermal curtains is that they are designed with the home in mind, so picking out a curtain or curtains to match your general décor should actually be a snap.

Another way to reduce heat loss massively is to buy a heat film. There are various manufacturers of these ingenious heat loss solutions and there should be a large selection at your local hardware store. And the reason they are so ingenious? They are very cost effective when compared to buying even the best discount doors in Toronto. A heat film can be cut to fit your windows should you inadvertently buy one too large. Installation is extremely simple, requiring only the adhesion of some tape (which comes in the box) and the use of a hair dryer to seal the heat film onto the window frame and tape. The seal is incredibly durable and will last years if taken care of.

The final way to cut down on heat loss is to reduce drafts under doors. You can go and buy a door snake (or draft excluder) for a few dollars at the local store, but you can actually make one very easily out of materials readily available around the home. Simply find an old curtain or towel or any kind of heavyweight fabric. Then, using some fabric scissors and a sewing machine you can fashion an empty snake by simply cutting out a long rectangular piece of fabric and sewing the outside edges together. To fill the snake you can use sand, rice or even old socks and undergarments that are no longer in use. However, most people report that rice is favorable for this purpose.

The other, and more drastic way to reduce heat loss is to replace any faulty windows, doors or vents. This will be very costly though and should only be considered if a large expenditure is a realistic and comfortable option, both time and money-wise.

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