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Repurpose Men’s Shirts into Aprons

Have you ever stumbled upon the idea to make aprons with shirts?  If you haven’t here is everything you need to know about this brilliant idea. We piled some projects for you all of which are so easy that even photos are enough to figure out . Anyway we included tutorials for some of them for you and you know where to find them- below the pictures. After each DIYs you will have the sleeves of shirts left and if you also want to upcycle them try dressing up your wine bottles! They make perfect gift-wrapping. Browse the ideas then start looking for old shirts at home!

cut out shirt apronTutorial: cutoutandkeep

gabriel-mens-shirt-apronTutorial: gabrielsgoodtidings

4.bp-mens-shirt-apronTutorial: leafytreetopspot




sugar-mens-shirt-apronTutorial: sugarbeans




makezine-mens-shirt-apron02Tutorial: makezine



men shirt apron

mens shirt apron

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