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Save for Winter: Honey Butter Recipes with Summer Fruits

The summer came and almost passed, fall is just around the corner. During summer, we have had baskets of fruits and still can’t get enough of them. Just to delight in summer fruits for the rest of the year, you can make honey butter with them. The necessary ingredients include fresh fruits, honey, lemon juice and some butter. After the prep process, you can keep honey either canned or in the fridge and always ready to eat. Fruity honey butter can be used to complement many baked goods ie toast, bagels and biscuits. They can’t be compared to store-bought jams as they are clean, nutritious and free from additives, so you can serve your homemade honey butter to your family with pleasure.

Do you know how to peel peach and apricot easily? You can find the tip here.

This entry is a part of our Preserving Summer Harvest series.

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