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Save your time! 11 Sub Sandwich Recipes

Some people prefer not to waste their time on cooking and enjoy something quick and tasty instead. It’s not because they are lazy or busy but they want to share time for other things. If you are one of them, keep reading this article as we will propose you some recipes that will surely please you in the end. Cut the bread, toss some chicken/meat, lettuce etc and eat on the go, sub sandwiches are the best kind if you ask us. Don’t require heat or dishes, they definitely worth to give a try. For me, I am the “whole meal” type of person with soup, main course and dessert but I will make teriyaki chicken and let it company me while I’m lazing on the couch. Just hold on, I will share my comments with you soon.

Turkey Meatball
turkey-meatbal-subsRecipe: noshingwiththenolands

Teriyaki Chicken
teriyaki-chicken-subRecipe: halfbakedharvest

Grilled Buffalo Shrimp
grilled-buffalo-shrimpRecipe: halfbakedharvest

Crock Pot Buffalo Chicken Meatball
buffalo-chicken-meatballRecipe: healthy-delicious

Buffalo Chicken Meatball
buffalo-chicken-meatball-subsRecipe: chocolatemoosey

Steak and Cheese
steak-and-cheese-subRecipe: poormet

Caramel Glazed Salmon Subs
caramel-glazed-salmon-subRecipe: thelittleteochew

Italian Roast Beef
italian-roast-beef-subRecipe: thecomfortofcooking

Italian Meatball
italian-meatballRecipe: damndelicious

Meatball Sub
meatball-subRecipe: justputzing

veggie-subsRecipe: ezrapoundcake

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