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Seasoned with Love Chicken Salad Recipes

Salads are easy to make and perfect for a quick lunch. You can crop and slice any fresh fruit and vegetable you have at home depending on the season. Taking it as a base, you can add potato, chicken, cheese etc to make it more nutritious. Today, chicken is the star of Sortrachen’s salad recipes. It is one of the healthiest choice on the condition that you remove its skin as it contains so much fat. Take time to try these chicken salad recipes in just minutes and have a great time tasting them!

Barbecue Ranch Chicken Salad
barbecue-ranch-chicken-saladRecipe: onelovelylife

Asian Chicken Salad
asian-chicken-saladRecipe: cooksmarts

Thai Chicken Salad
thai-chicken-saladRecipe: scrumptiousandsumptuous

Chicken Salad with Chili and Spinach
chicken-salad-chili-and-spinachRecipe: foodmanna

Yogurt Chicken Salad
yogurt-chicken-saladRecipe: jcocina

Cabbage with Peanut Dressing
chicken-cabbage-saladRecipe: rachelcooksthai

Grilled Greek
grilled-greek-saladRecipe: meaningfuleats

Buffalo Chicken Salad with Avocado Dressing
buffalo-chicken-saladRecipe: garnishwithlemon

Asian Style Cobb Salad
asian-style-cobb-saladRecipe: damndelicious

bbq-chicken-saladRecipe: sharedappetite

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