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Sloppy Wine Taster’s Gooey Burger

When Tarantino added the famous burger scene to his cult film ‘Pulp Fiction’, I don’t think he realized the world wide liberty dwelling around a beef patty and a toasted roll. But that’s the story about burgers. You can customize all things about a burger except the patty and bread. My favorite combination for a burger involves a twist to it.

Here is how it goes;
Starting with beef. The secret golden ratio to any kind of burger patty is 20/80. This basically means, 20% fat, 80% lean beef. For the love of god, ask your butcher to ground your beef only once! That is not twice, not thrice but once. We don’t want to lose all the nectar in the beef. So grab your beef and bear in mind that we will have at least 1 oz patties, so do the math for the number of people you wish to serve. Add a seriously generous amount of salt and pepper, and optional for those who’d like a little kick, add some worchestershire sauce. Couple drops only. Start kneading into your beef. No swipes or smears on countertop tho. Just good ol’ kneading. Remember, if you overwork your beef you will end up with a rubber like substance which is seriously uncool. So couple kneads is good enough. Leave it to rest.

Now the fillings.
Grab yourself a nice ripe avocado, that is fudgy when you push your finger in through the skin. Pit, skin and slice your avocado. The riper it is, binds everything better in your burger. For the twisty part, we will marinate our tomatoes. Slice a large tomatoe half an inch into a bowl. Season with salt and pepper, dash a splash of red wine and add oregano on top. Make sure the vegs are all in contact with the marinate. Leave to rest.

By now, you should also have your lettuce ready and dry so I’m not gonna get to it. Chop some garlic into a ramikin, optional again, add a little chive and chopped rosemary and mix with whole egg mayonaise. A charcoal grill is the perfect place to cook your beef but a flat iron pan will also do. Get it ungodly hot. That is scolding hot. If you’re cooking on a pan, sear both sides for about a minute on very high heat then reduce it to low. That is how we keep it pink and juicy. My preference is keepin ’em cooking 3 to 4 minutes on each side. Remove from heat and let them rest. Slice up a vadali onion on to the pan. This will help onions sweat and mellow a little. Remove onions.

Toast your rolls on the pan. Once you see browning on the edges. Toasting is done. This also indicates the resting period for the beef is over. Spread some garlic mayo on the bottom half of the roll. On top of that, add the softened (not caramalized) onion. Place your beef patty on top. Marinated tomatoes and avocado slices come next with the finishing touch of shredded lettuce. Crown your burger with the top half of the roll. Always remember, there is not a neat way of eating a real burger. So bury your face in it!

burgerPhoto Credit: cafemidi

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