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How to Soundproof Your Office Space

Transforming an extra room or a space in your home into an office is not always the hard part, soundproofing is, especially if you live near a busy street or construction. One doesn’t have to be transforming their office into a sound studio to appreciate the silence of working in a room that blocks off almost all sound. There are a few things you can do to soundproof your office and ultimately, increase your productivity. 

First off, to go about this, you may require professional advice if you’re not familiar with the right material for your space and you’re looking to have something more industrial. There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ foam when it comes to soundproofing. You may want to consider the density, airflow and even cell size of the foam to determine how well sound gets absorbed or blocked. 

DIY vs. Professional

Are you looking for something more DIY? That might not be the best approach considering the materials differ significantly. An old mattress, egg cartons or carpets cannot compare with the effectiveness of a waffle, pyramid or wedge foams and the technology behind them. You can’t compare services from your parent and a barber shop Toronto specialist. They are specially tailored toward absorbing noise and disrupting sound waves as well as stopping echo or reverberation in a room. Another thing to consider about materials not suited for soundproofing purposes is a fire and health hazard. Most current professional materials in the market are flame resistant. 

Types of soundproofing

There are two ways of determining how to block out the noise. If you’re dealing with too much movement within your home or outside, you can insulate the spaces the sound comes through. It is typically through windows and doors. You can add a seal to help keep the noise levels down. The second way is actually to muffle sound before it gets in. If your floorboards creak or cause an echo when someone is walking, the more accessible- and cheaper- way is to add a carpet or rag. 

Getting a professional

If you’re keen to make your office space as quiet as possible, consider getting in touch with a professional. They are best placed to advice on the material required and how to find something that best fits your budget. A friendly tip is to first soundproof the room before getting any design work or renovations done. You don’t want an instance where you paint the wall your preferred color, only to have foam placed over it- it’d be quite the waste. 



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