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Stars and Stripes – 4th of July Tablescapes

If you like using your table as the canvas of your imagination, this post is for you. Displaying the holiday in a fun and festive way is not that hard maybe the most enjoyable part of the party prep session. As experienced tablescapers or just beginners, you all have your unique taste and style in decorating but there is no harm in getting more ideas and inspiration so check these table settings and amaze your guests with your own table. Have a wonderful 4th of July everyone!

This entry is a part of our 4th of July series.

4th of july tablescapes20

4th of july tablescapes21

4th of july tablescapes30

4th of july tablescapes31

4th of july tablescapes03

4th of july tablescapes04

4th of july tablescapes11

4th of july tablescapes16

4th of july tablescapes13

4th of july tablescapes14

4th of july tablescapes07

4th of july tablescapes15

4th of july tablescapes17

4th of july tablescapes25

4th of july tablescapes26

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