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Steak Tip of the Day, or Any Day

Yeah, yeah – I know almost all of you heard about ‘how to cook the perfect steak‘. It’s all about scolding hot pans, not poking the steak and how to flip it when the time is right. But almost ‘none’ of them tell you about the basting. Basting is basically dressing your steak with its own nectar.

Right on the last minute of cooking, just dump in a generous amount of butter on your pan, while the steak is still in… Remember now, this your last minute on the pan, so make it count. Your butter melts and starts to bubble right away, throw in a clove of garlic, unpeeled. Grab yourself a spoon and start pouring, the garlic flavored melted butter from on top of the steak.

Now what will this bring to your meat?
It will help scraping off the caramelized bits off the pan and stick back to the steak which is an almost illegal amount of flavor won back from the cooking process. It gives this sexy moisture you will feel blood rushing to your cheeks. Now whadda you waiting for? Chug on that meat!!! It is blasphemy to overcook the steak…

butter-steak01Photo credit: thepauperedchef

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