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Stuffed Bell Pepper Recipes

Although bell peppers stuffed with meatloaf and baked in the oven is a traditional American dish, there are as much delicious variations as that. Playing with the ingredients, you can create countless recipes with these round cuties. Stuffed bell peppers can either be served as appetizer or main course depending on the size of the peppers and the ingredients you use. If you are hosting a party, you can prep bite-sized ones as a starter. But if you stuff large peppers with meat or chicken maybe topped with some cheese and baked, then it becomes a savory dinner dish. You can use green, yellow and red peppers for more colourful servings.

Tip: How to pull out the seeds easily?

  • Remove the upper part. Knock the peppers on the cutting board a few times and get all the seeds out. Be careful not to break the pepper’s shape.

This entry is a part of our Veggie Stuffies series.

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