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The Importance of Changing Your Smoke Alarm Battery

Some things just go without saying for being a smart way to live your life. It’s difficult for anyone to argue with the importance of changing your smoke alarm battery. The truth is that most of us won’t ever even use our smoke alarms through our lives. If we can help it we all would like that to be the case. But just because you’re hoping to never use it doesn’t mean that you won’t need it when it’s needed.

smoke-alarm-batteryPhoto Credit: abeytanelson

The common wisdom for getting your smoke alarm battery changed is every 6 months. Two times a year may seem a little bit much for some people; if you don’t do it one time in six months you may think that you can just skate by for a year or more. But the fact is that there is wisdom behind the importance of changing your smoke alarm battery.

Dead: The bottom line is that if you don’t change your smoke alarm battery regularly enough it could be dead. Even if you have a fully functioning smoke alarm that does you no good if the battery isn’t working. The dead battery misnomer can only be alleviated by swapping out that battery often enough. Two times a year is the recommended time frame; it should be easy enough to see why doing things in this way is a good plan.

duracell-buyabattery01Image Credit: Duracell

Misconnected: Another reason to check up on your smoke alarm battery twice a year is that the battery could be misconnected. Yes you will usually see a red solid light on the smoke alarm if it is properly connected but what about when something gets jostled? If you have a perfectly decent battery in place and it is just not properly connected you are not going to get any type of warning if there is any smoke on this level of your home. The importance of being alerted to this reality could quite literally be the difference between life and death.

Other: There are a bunch of other reasons that you should check up on your smoke detector and swap out that smoke alarm battery two times a year.

  • Broken: Your smoke alarm could be broken. You might not notice it if it gives you no reason to. But if you just let things slide and don’t keep after your smoke alarm on a regular enough time frame you could be putting yourself in pretty grave danger.
  • Muted: What if your smoke alarm itself has got a problem with the alarm? What then? How are you even going to know if your smoke alarm is muted? If you see the red light but don’t check up on it your alarm could be going off like crazy but you can’t hear it because of the alarm being damaged.
  • Disconnected: Your smoke alarm could be disconnected from your central system. That is if you have your alarm connected to the emergency authorities, that’s great. But if there is something misfiring on the connection you are going to be out of luck during emergency.

If you can’t take the expense of coughing up money for new batteries all the time, that’s not an unusual compliant. Still the importance of changing your smoke alarm battery is something which can’t be overstated. If you need some relief in your battery expense and you are not sure where to turn, you should check out the deals at Buy A Battery. There are so many great deals here that you can be sure to change your smoke alarm battery often enough and keep your budget in check at the same time.

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