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Top Tips for Sharing Your Wardrobe with Another

Sadly, we don’t all have the space in our homes to accommodate a ‘his and hers’ walk-in wardrobe. Instead, our mornings can often be fraught, involving reaching over each other to find items of clothing buried deep in a cramped, dark space and rummaging frantically in drawers or clambering up to the higher shelves to find that tie we want to wear. Sharing a wardrobe also means that there’s always going to be a dispute over who takes up the most space, with one person feeling hard-done-by with their belongings squashed into a smaller space than their partner’s. It happens in many households, all over the country, but thankfully there is something you can do about it.

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The solution to a happily shared wardrobe space

Happily, there are now lots of innovative solutions to this problem which make getting dressed in the morning with your loved one a breeze. Even for the smallest of spaces, specially-designed wardrobe modules can be made to measure and fit a room of any kind, without taking up too much space. Home harmony can be yours, and there is a whole range of options to choose from.

Units to suit every space

With practicality and versatility at the heart of their creation, these units can be floor to ceiling, the full length of a room, fit to corners, awkward shaped rooms and much more. They are flexible in the nature of their design and functionality, and they’re therefore an increasingly popular choice for those who are sharing their wardrobe space. Imagine having a compartmentalised area for all your clothing which perfectly complimented your partner’s space – divided equally into two, so nobody loses out? These spaces can be fitted with shelving systems (which have specialities all of their own as you will later read) but will also accommodate drawers and other units. The choice really is yours and depends on what you want and need your wardrobe to be. As you might expect, these units also come in lots of shapes, sizes and finishes – practicality certainly doesn’t have to come at the cost of aesthetic bliss.

Inside the shared wardrobe

Wardrobe wire shelving is a popular and practical option. Not only does it look stylish and sleek, but it also offers versatile storage options as shelves can come in different shapes and sizes and even in basket form. According to your requirements, you can fit a variety of different shelving systems into your wardrobe. For instance, if you have a lady who loves shoes and a gentleman who likes his shirts, then you can have specially-designed racks for shoes and a space below to hang the shirts. Wire shelving and ventilated options are silver in colour, so they fit in nicely with any existing décor and can even be paired with a different finish (coloured laminate, wood) for a contrasting look. Since you have designed this wardrobe to fit perfectly to you and your partner, it’s important that it stands the test of time both in the way it looks and in the quality of the components and build. Therefore, it’s imperative that you source your wardrobe system from a reputable manufacturer.

Choosing your storage solution

When choosing a wardrobe or storage system of any kind, it’s vital to make sure that it works for both of you, individually and as a whole. A good manufacturer will work closely with you and spend a lot of time listening to what each of you wants before amalgamating that into the perfect solution for you both. Selecting a good quality brand which offers durable, good quality, long-wearing solutions which fit well with you is a must.

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