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Understanding Helical Piles

You may never have heard the words helical piles, but they have actually been around since 1833 when they were invented by Alexander Mitchell who was a blind English brick maker. If you have never heard about these then you should learn more if you plan to renovate your home or have any structure built as they are used in the creation of foundations and are truly earth friendly instead of many of the other options.

Helical piles also known as helical piles, helical piers, and helix anchors are steel underpinnings that are created in many different sizes and shapes. They are normally used to repair or in maintenance of any type of building foundation that may have subsurface issues

These types of piles are perfect foundations when you are working on renovating historical sites where large excavation cannot be accomplished. They are truly the safest option t use with faulty foundation structures, hills, or an area with different soils.

Many homeowners notice their homes are slowing sinking into the ground; helical piles can actually save the home and ensure that it is secure using underpinning that will stop the home from settling into the ground even farther or causing other structural problems.

You may own a building and have decided to add another floor. Helical piles would be perfect to improve and maintain the foundation structure you have at this time, which would provide the foundation with more support.

If you notice cracks in walls, ceilings, drywall, or the windows or doors seem to stick, helical piles can also be used to fix these cracks by closing the gaps that are seen and help in preventing the nails from coming out of the drywall.

When it comes to benefits of helical piers, one of the most talked about is that it is cost effective as it requires a small amount or no concrete and can be done in every limited access areas.

These types of anchors are very lightweight which makes then quite easy to install in very small areas that have limited access such as narrow crawl spaces.

What is truly amazing is that they can be installed at any angle to aid in supporting all kinds of loads and will stop excavated drill spoil. Too many times, there is a huge problem finding something to do with the removed soil. Helical piles do not disturb the soil as much or in some cases not at all and offer instant usability. Other great benefits are the small amount of vibrations and the low noise levels during installation.

Of course, before you choose helical piles, you should talk with a professional that will determine the type you need and how they should be installed for less soil disturbance and to ensure your home or building will be on solid ground on again.

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