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Waste No Omega Poached Salmon

Seafood lovers always dig a nice fillet of a succulent fish. The juice, the flavor and the flaky texture calls us out to itself. Today’s recipe is just about that.

Go to your fish monger. Ask him for a thick cut of salmon. Not just any salmon though. I’m not talking about the pale white meat one. The red, coral colored fish that brings us the ultimate flavor and omega which we need so dearly. Grab yourself a deep pan and fill half way up with water. Bring it to boil. Once you see it bubbling, you better start seasoning it. The fact of the matter is, water itself must be as salty as the sea water. Don’t worry about the salt. It will definitely season your fish but not penetrate deep into its meat since you increased the density of the water. It’ll be just fine.

Drop your salmon into the boiling water and as soon as it hits the water, turn the stove off and put the pan lid back on. What we essentially do is to poach the fish in the hot water and let it rest for 10 minutes in itself as the water slightly cools down. Through miracle of time, my experiences bestowed me the ultimate cooking degree for salmon using this method. 10 to 12 minutes is the golden time frame for it to reach desired doneness.

At this point you can stop with all the cooking and flake your salmon into pasta, rice or even salads and enjoy it just as much. However, there is a really nice dressing that suits the fish really well.

Let’s dig into it.
Get two sticks of pickled asparagus. Chop them into bite size pieces and saute in a frying pan along with greens from a spring onion. Again chopped in accordance with the asparagus. Add half a cup of heavy cream, a table spoon of capers and a splash of white wine. Finish up with chopped dill. Serve with a lemon wedge. Also, if you can lay your hands on one, I can not even begin to implore you enough to use some lemon grass. Lemon grass happens to be my favorite best of the best of the best of the best ingredient. To utilize it, you should remove the woody outer layers, and smash it a couple of times with the blunt back of your knife. Chop it really fine and sprinkle on top of your dressing. A big chilled glass of Chardonnay is mandatory.

Poached SalmonPhoto Credit: formerchef

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