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Ways That Polished Decorative Concrete Flooring Will Make Your Life Easier

Polished decorative concrete flooring may sound extravagant and seem like much more to deal with than you want to handle. However, it can actually be cost-effective, not to mention an attractive choice for your home. If you are considering having your carpet or hardwood floors ripped up, here is why polished concrete flooring would be an excellent replacement.

Polished concrete is much easier to keep clean. You won’t have to worry about spills seeping into the concrete and staining it permanently, as it would a carpet. You can simply grab a few paper towels, wet them, and clean up the mess. Spray Windex or use bleach to disinfect. This will leave your floor spotless, without you having to spend an hour shampooing the carpet with a carpet cleaner. Polished concrete will need to be buffered and either wet mopped or dust mopped every so often. You can get rid of your vacuum!

Aesthetic value. Polished concrete, with its shine and variety of patterns, can be a beautiful addition to any home. It is highly difficult for polished concrete to incur scratches, and cracking, but picking up furniture to move it as carefully as possible can help prevent this. Wear and tear are much less of a worry than with carpet or hardwood, the former which starts to become ragged, and the latter being easily scratched. The flooring can also be dyed and/or patterned if you want to put your own personality into it a bit.

Durability. As mentioned above, it takes a lot to damage polished decorative concrete. It is long-lasting and can be kept in a pristine state for longer. If there are highly active children and/or pets in the house, this could be an advantage, as squeaking shoes and claws are less likely to cause any significant damage.

Polished concrete floors can be laid either indoors or outdoors. Though polished concrete with less shine is more appropriate outdoors, the material can be used for flooring anywhere in the house. If you plan to set up a basketball court outside, polished concrete would be the best choice for the floor, as it is often used for basketball courts in schools, for example. Neither carpeting nor hardwood would last a minute when exposed to the outdoor air.

That shine! Regardless of if your flooring is perfectly clean, it will retain its shine for a while. It has the effect of making your home appear flashier, and cleaner than it actually may be. Bring your friends over and feel free to show off!

Though it may be more expensive to have polished concrete installed than for regular carpeting, it will certainly pay off in the long-term. Messes and spills can be cleaned up without unsightly residue, you can put the flooring in any room you want, the floors are long-lasting and sturdy, and it is aesthetically pleasing. If you are looking for the perfect floor for your dining room, or hallway, the polished concrete is the way to go. Call for a consultation today.


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