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What to do When the Heat Goes Off: Emergency Furnace Repair Services

It never fails: In the depth of winter, when Old Man Winter is flexing his muscle, and the heat goes out. What do you do? Sure you could huddle together with your loved ones and wait until 9am when your city gas company opens up for regular hours, but why do that when you can take advantage of the services for emergency furnace repair Toronto has to offer.

Believe it or not, furnace problems are very common. That’s why emergency repair services exist in the first place. One of the most common problems is a clogged filter. Dust and debris in the filter can cause the motor to seize and stop working. Warning signs that your motor may be in jeopardy includes a humming noise which, unfortunately, is all-too-often ignored by the average homeowner.

Cracks in the furnace, a problem particularly common with older furnaces, can be especially dangerous. When a crack exists, excess levels of Co2 can leak into the home and pose very serious health and safety threats to your family. When inhaled at high levels, this gas (which has neither scent nor taste) can be fatal. If you notice cracks in your furnace or if your Co2 detector indicates a leak, call for repairs immediately.

Sometimes, the emergency switch on your furnace will trip accidentally. This could be the result of a blown fuse or breaker. If you notice that your emergency switch has been tripped, the first step in troubleshooting this is to try to turn it back on. If it doesn’t come on, you may need to reset it. If it does turn back on but then shuts off again soon after, your furnace needs some expert attention. Something is wrong. An emergency furnace repair service can help.

Emergency furnace repair technicians are available around the clock, seven days per week. They are there to address any problems that cannot, or should not, wait until regular business hours. Expert technicians are on hand to troubleshoot a wide variety common and rarer furnace issues on a wide variety of systems. They will quickly determine the problem, execute the solution and have your furnace back up and running again in no time. This is a very valuable service for all homeowners. Without emergency furnace services, you would have to endure the cold and potential risks until regular business hours open up, which is not only inconvenient but also potentially dangerous.

The next time your furnace breaks down outside of regular business hours, don’t panic. Call a reputable emergency furnace repair service and you’ll be back up and running – not to mention warm and cozy! – in no time. Better still, it’s always best to have the name of a trustworthy furnace repair service at the ready before disaster strikes. You don’t want to have to roll the dice on a company you don’t know when you are in an emergency situation.


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