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Why the Windows Are So Important When Designing a New Home

Who wouldn’t like to wake up in the morning and spoil their eyes and senses with a gorgeous view? Just imagine drinking your coffee in the morning, in your kitchen, while you let your eyes wonder over the blue of the ocean or the green of the forests. Sounds really nice, right?

When you build your dream home, the location and the view it offers are very important. Actually, most people choose the location according to the surroundings, but more often than not, they don’t pay that much attention to their future windows. And this is a big mistake considering that windows are actually the ones delivering this gorgeous view right into your home.


It’s all about natural light

We are beings of the light and, just like plants, we love sunlight. Even more, we need it for our physical and mental integrity. According to studies, there is a real connection between light deprivation and depression. This may actually be one of the reasons why dark houses, with small windows, seem so unattractive.

When you plan your house’s orientation, you also have to consider the amount of natural light you want in each room. Regardless of windows’ shape and design, you must orientate them in such a way to allow as much natural light in the room as possible.

What about the noise?

This is another reason to stop for one moment and reconsider your windows. Unless you plan to build your home in a distant village, in the mountains, where no one ever goes, sound pollution is going to be a problem.

We live in a noisy world with shouting kids, lots of cars, and neighbors who don’t really care about your afternoon rest. All these can be easily solved if you choose choose soundproof windows. These are specially designed to keep the noise outside, allowing you to enjoy some peace and quiet in your own home.

Saving on energy costs

It may seem counterintuitive to introduce large windows, especially if you plan to live in an area where winters are long. That’s why it’s very important to be up to date with the latest types of windows that will help improve your home’s level of energy efficiency. You should read more about energy efficient windows and their rating systems.

The right type of windows can save you a lot of money on energy bills. Even more, they can save your furniture from fading away under the effect of UV light.

Windows make your home gorgeous

Have you ever visited someone and felt welcome in their home the moment you stepped inside? Windows play a big role in creating this warm, welcoming feeling.

Let’s take the kitchen as an example. In every home, the kitchen is the heart; here is where we prepare food, where we meet after work and where the whole family enjoys good times. Sadly, kitchens tend to be equipped with small windows and maybe a glass door. But how gorgeous would your kitchen look with lots of natural light? You can take a sneak peak and imagine how great it would be to cook in one of these gorgeous kitchens!


In the end, we leave you dreaming about your beautiful, well-light house with an idea for kitchen windows decorations. And remember: if you’re planning your new home or you’re simply considering giving your home a makeover, windows are very important! Read and ask questions about the best choice for your area and home and you will definitely end up being a satisfied home owner!

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