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10 Different Lasagna Recipes

Who doesn’t love Italian food? After granita and tiramisu, another Italian is getting on the stage, lasagna! Like pizza and macaroni, lasagna is also an adaptable meal that have endless variations and possibilities floating through the internet. So you don’t need to settle for the traditional lasagna recipe while you can discover new tastes. Get ready for a new culinary adventure and give a try to one of these recipes.

Cheesy Mushroom Lasagna
cheesy-mushroom-lasagnaRecipe: teaspooncomm

Spinach Ricotta
spinach-ricotta-lasagnaRecipe: collectingmemoriess

Roasted Vegetable
roasted-vegetable-lasagnaRecipe: tastefoodblog

Fresh Vegetable
vegetable-lasagnaRecipe: inspiredtaste

Squash Lasagna
squash-lasagnaRecipe: adashofcinnamon

Cheesy Veggie Skillet Lasagna
cheesy-veggie-skillet-lasagnaRecipe: kitchentreaty

Bechamel and Meat Sauce
bechamel-and-meat-sauce-lasagnaRecipe: sheknows

Italian Beef Lasagna
italian-beef-lasagnaRecipe: simplecomfortfood

Mini Lasagnas
mini-lasagnasRecipe: traceysculinaryadventures

Lasagna Pizza
lasagna-pizzaRecipe: chefmom

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