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25 Recipes for Colorful Christmas Macarons

09 Candy Cane

Recipe: cakeandallie

Who doesn’t love decorating cupcakes, cookies, macarons in holiday spirit or for special occasions? Christmas is the perfect time for such bakery activities. Get your kids in the kitchen and let them play with the dough and help you with decorating the macarons. So much fun! If you are hosting a party at home, you can proudly serve these macarons on your table. Or you can also consider them as great edible gifts. How much you’d be happy to get a box of macarons as a gift all in Christmas theme? So why not packing some homemade macarons for giving your family and friends. It works the best especially the ones who you can’t decide what to buy for. Look through the recipes below and try some of them at the weekend. Believe us you won’t regret!

01 Snowman macaronsRecipe: dishesfrommykitchen

03 macaronRecipe: penguinsaysfeedme

26 macaronRecipe: childerhouseblog

08 eggnogRecipe: cakeandallie

23 macaronRecipe: fraise-basilic

04 gingerbreadRecipe: alanabread

02 SalmonRecipe: frombatoparis

22 macaronRecipe: thetiffinbox

21 macaronRecipe: designbakerun

20 macaronRecipe: lifesafeast

13 macaronRecipe: latabledenana

12 macaronRecipe: frombatoparis

11 macaronRecipe: labonnebouche

06 vanilla macaronRecipe: gourmantineblog

19 macaronRecipe: abakedcreation

15 macaronRecipe: testwithskewer

14 macaronRecipe: bravetart

25 macaronRecipe: simmerandboyle

17 macaronRecipe: whatsforlunchhoney

16 macaronRecipe: eatlivetravelwrite

10 gingerbreadRecipe: mykeuken

07 Strawberry TrifleRecipe: passionateaboutbaking

05 macaronRecipe: j0annesim

24 macaronRecipe: katelig

18 macaronRecipe: thesweetspot

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