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8 Ways to Make Your Home More Relaxing

If you like spending time at your home or simply want to make your space more like a sanctuary for
you, these ten tips on how to make your home more relaxing will help you easily make it a lot more


Soften Some Edges
A large part of life is demanding and harsh – so cutting off the hard corners of your decor will make it feel and look a lot more relaxing. Textiles are a great way to do that – drapes that pool on your floor, tons of pillows and loose-fitting slipcovers can all contribute to a sense of ease in a space.

Make Simple Changes To Each Room
An easy way to freshen up your rooms is to change their look as the seasons come and go. Rearranging some furniture, slipping on some slipcovers and adding seasonal elements make the room a lot more welcoming. Flowers, plants and other pieces of decoration will give your room a good facelift.

Move The Outdoors In
The goal of a garden is to somewhat blur the line between the outdoors and indoors without sacrificing the comfort of modern domesticated areas. Here, we use a rustic bench, but you could have a cushy couch and cover it with a botanical print, or maybe put a picnic blanket over it. Alternatively why not choose an indoor water feature for the home? There’s a very good reason why mankind builds sheltering, comforting homes, after all.

Soak In To Avoid Stress
A good way to wash away the cares of the day is by making your bathroom function on pampering and practical levels. A tub that’s deep enough for you to soak in, soft lightning, thick towels and soothing music can make these moments bathe your body and soul, and refresh both.

Dream Up Your Perfect Bedroom
Your bedroom can be calming beyond its bed. Decorate the wall with your favorite colors, add some artwork that brings a smile to your face, and make sure only the essentials are kept within view and within reach. You can also cover the floor with carpeting or rugs which feel great on your bare feet, and cocoon your bed with lots of fabric to block out the world – figuratively and literally.

Organize Chaos Away: Chaos causes anxiety
Think of the time you spend getting organized as preparing for the calm that’s to come. If you’re a bit pressed for time, you should start organizing by focusing on a specific space, such as the room where you enter the house. Get everyone in the home to help you clear the clutter.

Create A Comfort Zone
Separate a place in your home where the key function is relaxing. Make it convenient for your choice of relaxing activity — such as reading, watching movies or listening to music. Put a barrier between all distractions and you. Folding screens can block out unwanted views and redirect people away from that area.

Make A Planning Space
Home workspaces need focus and convenience – so have all you need at hand so you can concentrate on the work you’ve got to do. Make it inviting by adding personal, comforting elements – and look at the home office as an investment in yourself.

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