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A Guide To Men’s Golf Fashion

Fashion is undoubtedly a significant part of present-day sports. For this reason, many fashion brands seek to cut a contract with sportspeople for promotional purposes. Though, a school of thought holds that talent is all, and there is no need to pay attention to fashion. However, this school of thought is only a form of criticism of the idea of fashion in sport.

Research results have shown that a significant number of fans care about what their favorite sportsman wear. Therefore, at Algarve Golf Holidays, we give room for different forms of sportsmen’s fashion. With this fact in mind, follow our golf fashion tips below.

How To Style Yourself For The Game Of Golf

Here are some of the ways you can style yourself for the game of golf;

  1. Know your body type

The first step to creating a fashion impression on the golf course is to wear what suits you. This principle holds for any fashion-conscious occasion.

If you struggle with your weight, you might want to consider making your belt match the color of your trousers. You could call attention to your body size by wearing contrasting colors. Try our darker colors like black trousers or navy blue; they are more flattering. You can also match it with some golfing accessories for a perfect blend.

  1. Check Your Fit

Another important tip is to wear what fit you. There’s no point in spending on top-notch golf fashion wears if they are not your size. Therefore, be sure every outfit from head to toe gets tailored to fit you.

You can sometimes decide to throw a jumper, though, but you’ll have to tuck-in the collar so you can maintain a clean image. Also, be sure to keep it as fitted as possible because over-sized clothing can prevent you from swings and ruin your chance at winning.

  1. Try to Match

Ensuring the flow of either the pattern or tone of your golfing attire is a way to ensure you have a fashionable golfing outfit. You need to work on how to make your entire outfit blend as one.

You can go flexible by wearing a pattern on pattern outfit but make sure they are connected. You can also go bold, but if you do, be sure to tone it down on top. If you don’t want to go bold on your outfit, you can consider a natural palette. It can work well if you do it with a little panache.

What You Should Avoid

While we have spoken about things to do to make you stand tall in terms of fashion, you also need to know things that are the show spoilers. For example, you need to avoid the act of leaving your shirt untucked. It is an unprofessional way of dressing to play golf. Also, try and avoid items shirts with no collar, vests, and cargo shorts.


You might not eventually be the champion of the game, but you can ensure you leave knowing that you gave your best input in talent and fashion.

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