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Automatic Shutoff Valves are Crucial for Saving Lives in Industrial Facilities

According to data collected and made public by the OSHA Data & Statistics department, 4,779 workers died in 2018 alone due to work-related accidents within the private sector. 5,250 workers were killed in total across both public and private sectors, indicating that 100+ workers died every single week of the year onan average, putting the daily mean deaths at approximately 14.

Multiple of these deaths were preventable and automatic shutoff valves could have saved lives on many accounts. For industrial unit owners to implement such valves in facilities that can use them, but do not yet have them, awareness remains key. The understanding should also reach key policy makers at the federal level, so that auto shutoff valves can be made mandatory by law.

What Auto Shutoff Valves Are and How they Save Lives

The exact role played by an automatic valve will vary depending on the segment and the specific functions in question. Nevertheless, the industrial safety precautions do share universal characteristics that can be identified to both define what these are and how they save lives.

At their core, high quality auto shutoff valves are simultaneously a danger detection system, as well as being an emergency auto shutoff mechanism. The compressed gas/air/water/oil management system will either shut off the entire pneumatic/mechanical process, or only the affected sections of the process on its own, if the valve’s sensors register unsafe thresholds in relation to the process in question. In other words, the valve will automatically shut off the concerned hazardous industrial product’s flow to the burner completely or partially, so that none of the workers, equipment or products within the facility are harmed as a result of direct exposure, or consequent explosions.

Why the Auto Shutoff Valves Work with Immaculate Perfection

Modern automatic valves have been found to have reached a place with the help of intelligent, constantly learning software, where they are able to save lives with near perfect results across all facilities where they are installed. This is a marvel of modern industrial technology, where intelligent software works seamlessly with temperature sensors, steam pressure detectors, air pressure detectors, fuel pressure sensors, flame detectors and water pressure sensors. If any of the controllers associated with the same processes fail or malfunction for some reason or the other, the auto shutoff valve mechanism comes into play, preventing loss of life, equipment and product.

The Adequacy of the Valves Make a Big Difference as Well

It is of the utmost importance that the valves are capable of handling the task that they are supposed to handle. For example, there are triple offset valves, floating ball valves, globe valves, knife gate vales, check valves, angle valves, lined vales and the list goes on. For the auto shutoff mechanism to be practically useful, the chosen valve should be appropriately designed to handle the specific task in each and every process.

By taking the necessary time to acquaint themselves with the functions of each valve, and then by choosing the right valves for every process, business executives can not only save lives, but they can also save the cost of buying new equipment, which would naturally be damaged during burner related accidents.

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