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Chic and Dazzling Cake Designs by Deepa Mathan

Chic and Dazzling Cake Designs by Deepa Mathan

Deepa Mathan is a self-taught cake stylist and runs a home based cake business located in Ajax, Ontario, Canada. She makes custom wedding and engagement cakes, sweet tables, cupcakes and cake pops for any occasion. When she was 18 years old, she decided to take a 4 month class as a simple hobby which taught her basic baking and decorating tips. A little time, dedication and fun can do wonders, this hobby turned into a strong passion for her ending up a small business. Now she has a talented team which help her create a variety of chic and dazzling designs and styles. They specialize in providing excellent customer services along with yummy and tasty cakes and other delicious items for all types of wedding related events. When asked about the latest trend for wedding cakes that couples are obsessing over, she replies; “Modern abstract designs and naked cakes which always make every cake unique.” She has some extraordinary cake stylings in her portfolio and these make the subject of today’s article. From dogs to books, a bottle of wine to bukalemun, she can turn your favourite pet or item into a cake which is enough to make your special days an unforgetable one. Take a look at our gallery then you’ll understand what we mean.

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