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Craft Time! DIY Fabric Napkins

Be a little greener and if you still haven’t, start using cloth napkins instead of paper ones. They will sure provide a more classy look to your everyday table settings and what’s more save the enviroment for your kids. This change does not have to cost a lot, especially if you do it yourself. Whether you are a skilled sewer or not, just follow the tutorials and ta-da you have your own design napkin in the end!

diy_napkin01Tutorial: kittenhood

diy_napkin04Tutorial: houseofearnest

diy_napkin02Tutorial: loveandcupcakesblog

Tutorial: thesweetestoccasion

diy_napkin06Tutorial: paperplanesandmaryjanes

diy_napkin05Tutorial: whimseybox

diy_napkin03Tutorial: hardlyhousewives

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