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Cute and Petite Donut Recipes

What comes to your mind when you hear cute, petite, soft, moist, not overly sweet? Donuts. You know the classic, ring-shaped, sugar-coated donut, traditionally everyone’s favourite. They are so tasty that one can never have enough of them. Depending on your taste, you may dress up donuts with anything like glaze or sprinkle. But there are lots of other recipes to fill in and decorate these cutties that you will become a donut machine. Just give a try to some of them, and believe us you won’t regret.

Berry Cake Donuts
berry-cake-donutsRecipe: mrbreakfast

Blueberry Lemon
blueberry--lemonRecipe: preventionrd

Birthday Cake Donuts
birthday-cake-doughnutRecipe: mondaymorningdonut

Blueberry and Cardamom
blueberry-cardamom-donutsRecipe: sweetpeasandsaffron

Carrot Cake Doughnuts
carrot-cake-donutsRecipe: diethood

grilled-doughnutsRecipe: halfbakedharvest

Mint Chocolate Chips Donuts
mint-chocolate-chips-donutsRecipe: season2seasoneating

eggnog-doughnutsRecipe: sheknows

Strawberry Margarita Cream Filled Donuts
strawberry-margarita-cream-filled-donutsRecipe: halfbakedharvest

Pumpkin Spice
pumpkin-spice-doughnutsRecipe: designeverydayblog

Nutella Peanut Butter
nutella-peanut-butter-doughnutsRecipe: notyourmommascookie

Baked Strawberry Donuts
baked-strawberry-donutsRecipe: cookingclassy

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