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DIY Gift: Handmade Drink Coasters

If you have been around here long enough, you already know how much we are fond of all kinds of DIY projects. To us, they are the best free time activities by the help of which you get handmade products. Making your own coasters is one of the most useful projects as you can both keep them for your home or give them as a gift to your friends. With easy tutorials, you can turn cork sheets into personalised photo frames or stamp cork coasters with carved potatoes. Sound interesting? Lets get started!

diy-coasters13Tutorial: prudentbaby

diy-coasters11Tutorial: cremedelacraft

diy-coasters14Tutorial: lovetogohappythings

diy-coasters010Tutorial: theprettyblog

diy-coasters16Tutorial: houseofearnest

diy-coasters15Tutorial: morningcreativity

diy-coasters12Tutorial: abitofbeesknees

diy-coasters17Tutorial: howaboutorange

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