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DIY Paper Flowers As Centerpieces

Not good at taking care of fresh flowers and still want flowers? No, we are not talking about those plastic, artificial garbage. There are more colourful, crafty and also economic options such as handmade paper flowers. Turning an ordinary paper into a beautiful flower not only kills boredom but also tablescapes for a summer party or outdoor barbecue dinners. What’s more these colourful cuties are enough to beautify simply decorated white tables. If you are ready to take action, just follow the basic steps to make something custom and different.

fraise paper centerpieceTutorial: fraise-basilic

season paper centerpieceTutorial: seasonsforcake

jessica paper centerpieceTutorial: jessicaburns

apump paper centerpieceTutorial: apumpkinandaprincess

lala paper centerpieceTutorial: in-lala-land

lia paper centerpiece2Tutorial: liagriffith

lia paper centerpieceTutorial: liagriffith

ruffles paper centerpieceTutorial:rufflesandtruffles

unusually paper centerpieceTutorial:unusuallylovely

ink paper centerpiece01Tutorial:inklingandwit

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