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Doily for Table Setting Decoration

If you have been here long enough, you already know that we are very fond of vintage style and everything belong to it. Nowadays, crafts with doily attracks our attention and we try our best to share our findings with you. While using fabric stiffener to shape them into bowls, baskets and lanterns is the most popular method, there are also many other creative ways honestly worth a try. Coasters, cones and table runners are other possible options and you are free to decide which one to make depending on your needs. Just check some of the best examples and share your artwork with us.

wedding doily detailTutorial: katelynjamesblog

Table runner weddingTutorial: baysidebride

lanternTutorial: glamourandgraceblog

Doily vintage table runnerTutorial: buildipedia

craft bowls01

craft bowlsTutorial: dushonok

conesTutorial: heartmadeblog

casa portavelasTutorial: boulevardpinki

Doily VaseTutorial: emmalinebride

coastersTutorial: factorydirectcraft

BoxTutorial: iamartisan

vase cover02

vase cover01Tutorial: angelinthenorth

doily bowlsTutorial: thenester

diy tablerunnerTutorial: kayellen

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