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Farm-Fresh Corn Recipes

It is officially open season on corn. There is nothing like a steamy, buttery, sweet roasted summer corn. Although it is generally eaten roasted and regarded as a snack or sider, there are lots of different recipes with corns. Have you ever heard about corn pudding? I haven’t until I prepared this article. To my amazement, they also make cakes and soup with corn. All in all, what I concluded is that leave the traditional recipes aside and fire up your culinary imagination by trying unusual tastes. Corn pudding looks like a good start!

Grilled Corn with Herbed Butter
grilled-cornRecipe: diethood

Corn Bread
corn-breadRecipe: doughingrogue

esquitesRecipe: scarlettabakes

Fresh Corn Lasagna
fresh-corn-lasagnaRecipe: scarlettabakes

fresh-corn-cakesRecipe: coffeeandquinoa

Grilled Corn with Chile Lime Sour Cream
grilled-corn-chile-lime-sour-creamRecipe: acouplecooks

corn-puddingRecipe: userealbutter

Fresh Corn Cheeddar Pizza
fresh-corn-pizzaRecipe: ohmyveggies

fresh-corn-saladRecipe: adashofsass

corn-soupRecipe: zested

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