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Fruity Sangria Recipes

Sangria is simply wine-based punch with chopped fruit, a sweetener, and a small amount of added brandy. Besides other alcohol or non-alcohol refreshers like lemonades, smoothies and cocktails, sangrias are one of the most popular drinks on hot summer days. Sitting on your porch, backyard or by the pool, sipping something cool and fruity is all the joy of this season. The passionate sangria lovers already know that there is not only one recipe for a tasty sangria. We have found some of the best ones to quench your thirst in a flavorful and chilling way. What is your favourite?

Red Wine Sangriaveggie-sangriaaRecipe: veggieandthebeastfeast

Summer Strawberry Rosemary Sangriakim-sangriRecipe: kimshealthyeats

Apple Cider Sangriahow-sangriaRecipe: howsweeteats

Pineapple Mojito Sangriakitch-sangriaRecipe: kitchentreaty

Berries,Pineapple, Lemmon Sangriamom-sangriaRecipe: mom

Spring Sangriaeat-sangriaRecipe: eat-drink-love)

3 Berry Red Wine Sangriaimma-sangriaRecipe (immaeatthat

Southern Sangriashe-sangriaRecipe: sheknows

Fruity White Wine Sangriaadel-sangriaRecipe: adelineandlumiere

The New-Look Sangriadevil-sangriaRecipe: thedevilsfoodadvocate

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