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Italian-inspired Dish: Bruschetta Recipes

Bruschetta comes from the Italian word, bruscare which means “roasted over coals”. Looks like an open sandwich, it is a wonderful appetizer or afternoon snack alternative, also the best option for parties. You may have never been to Italy but after these recipes you will feel like being there. Try and just taste them, you will understand what we mean.

Note: The real way to pronounce bruschetta is broos-KET-ah

Nduja Bruschetta
nduja_bruschettaRecipe: greatbritishchefs

Sweet Pea
Photo by Karen TedescoRecipe: familystylefood

Roasted Red Pepper
roasted_red_pepper_bruschettaRecipe: inquiringchef

Salmon Bruschetta
salmon_bruschettaRecipe: eileen-cuisine

bruschettaRecipe: chichilicious

Tangerine Balsamic Roasted Bruschetta
tangerine_balsamic_roasted_bruschettaRecipe: jcocina

grilled_bruschettaRecipe: cookingforkeeps

Garlicky Tomato Bruschetta
garlicky_tomato_bruschettaRecipe: sheknows

steakhouse_bruschettaRecipe: noblepig

Olive Goat
olive_goat_cheese_bruschettaRecipe: thecurvycarrot

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