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Kids’ Birthday Cake Design Ideas

Did you used to decorate your birthday cake with your mum? I did and those were my best birthdays. Today cake decoration has developed a lot even turned into a kind of art. Colourful sprinkles, frosting and topping, different shapes and designs give them an elaborate look. According to your kid’s choice or the theme of the birthday party, you can create spectacular homemade cakes. Involve your kid and share the fun to make this special day more memorable. All you need is some inspiration and creativity. There are thousands of different birthday cake designs to choose from and here is what we selected for you.

birthday-cakes-for-kids01Recipe: manusmenu

birthday-cakes-for-kids05Recipe: larecetadelafelicidad

birthday-cakes-for-kids08Recipe: i-heart-baking

birthday-cakes-for-kids07Recipe: vaikai-vanile

birthday-cakes-for-kids06Recipe: plantfoodfabulous

birthday-cakes-for-kids09Recipe: bettycrocker

birthday-cakes-for-kids12Recipe: domesticfits

birthday-cakes-for-kids10Recipe: larecetadelafelicidad

birthday-cakes-for-kids11Recipe: sweetapolita

birthday-cakes-for-kids03Recipe: raspberricupcakes

birthday-cakes-for-kids02Recipe: flamingpot


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