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Make Your Own Customized Mugs


Tutorial: jaderbomb

Who wants to make his/her own favorite mug? Or create something special for your sweetheart before Valentine’s day? Then take a sharpie or colored markers and some white mugs. Design your mug let it dry and put in the oven for about a half-hour to set the design and voila! Your mug is ready. Now decide whether to keep it for yourself or give it as a gift to a friend. Here are some tutorials which will be helpful for you.

mugs03Tutorial: livingyourcreative

mugs04Tutorial: thecwaftyblog

mugs05Tutorial: littlewolff

mugs06Tutorial: sparkandchemistry

mugs07Tutorial: delifromthevalley

mugs08Tutorial: handsoccupied

mugs09Tutorial: madiganmade

mugs11Tutorial: madiganmade

mugs12Tutorial: icepandora

mugs13Tutorial: abubblylife

mugs15Tutorial: feathersofgold

mugs17Tutorial: kittyfalol

mugs18Tutorial: sweetcsdesigns

mugs19Tutorial: curiousandcatcat

mugs20Tutorial: purplecarrotkc

mugs21Tutorial: morningcreativity

Tutorial: wolvesinlondon

Tutorial: garlandofgraceblog

Tutorial: nelliebellie

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