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Mind Blowingly Creative Macaron Designs by Maranda Tenorio

Texas based Maranda Tenorio is a local mama of 3 kids. She used to work in accounts receivables for a water company but left to stay home with their kids after having out youngest, Mila. She has always been passionate about baking, but turning this into a career was something very unexpected for her. Her story began when her daughter asked for a macaron cake for her birthday. Maranda, who had always loved baking, but had never mastered the complex macaron, took a month perfecting them for her daughter’s cake. “I attempted to make macarons a few times over the years but failed miserably more times than I’d like to admit! But my daughter really wanted to make a macaron cake for her birthday so I was determined to crack the macaron code. It took me a month of baking macarons daily before I felt like really understood these complex little treats. I watched youtube tutorials for hours at a time, researched recipes and techniques, and taught myself by trial and error.” she tells. Since then, her family and friends encouraged her to turn her love for baking and, now, her perfect macarons into a business (full interview here). She thinks taste is not enough, you need to add some creativity and imaginatioon to get the perfect macaron. She can design macarons in various themes and styles that your mind will blow! You can see our favourite ones below. Hope you like them as much as we do!

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