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Party Food: Stuffed Mushroom Recipes

Mouth-watering stuffed mushrooms are always a favorite party appetizer. Whether your guests are vegetarians, omnivores or carnivores, there is always various kinds of them to please everyone such as stuffed mushrooms with cheese, ham, spinach, peanut, chicken and more. All you need is different recipes for the tastiest filling and that’s what we have done for you. Try one of these recipes when you plan your next party.

This entry is a part of our Veggie Stuffies series.

Egg Stuffed Mushroomsbite-egg-stuffed-mushroomsRecipe: bitedelite

Goat Cheesetat-goat-cheese-stuffed-mushroomsRecipe: tattooedmartha

With Peanuteileen-peanut-stuffed-mushroomsRecipe: eileen-cuisine

Spinachhome-spinach-stuffed-mushroomsRecipe: homemadelevity

Bacon, Spinach,Fetaibreathe-bacon-spinach-feta-stuffed-mushroomsRecipe: ibreatheimhungry

Veggies Dip Stuffed Mushroomsrachel-veggie-stuffed-mushroomsRecipe: rachelcooks

Artioch & Tofuelem-artichoke-tofu-stuffed-mushroomsRecipe: elementalcustard

Teriyaki Chickenteriyaki-chicken-stuffed-mushroomsRecipe: appetiteforchina

Prosciutto & Parmesanhandle-prosciutto-stuffed-mushroomsRecipe: handletheheat

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