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Plain Table Runners For Everyday Use

A dinner table is the place where family members gather up, spend the most precious moments of the day eating, chatting and sharing what makes the family connections stronger. So decorating your table for everyday use is important regarding that. Instead of covering the whole table, use a decorative runner in the middle of your table and simply adding something special. Choose from different patterns and colors and turn your simple ritual of family dinners into festive ones.

diy-table-runner01Tutorial: domestically-speaking

diy-table-runner05Tutorial: blissbloomblog

diy-table-runner08Tutorial: adailysomething

diy-table-runner07Tutorial: designimprovised

diy-table-runner02Tutorial: hankandhunt

diy-table-runner03Tutorial: lovelyindeed

diy-table-runner04Tutorial: mypoppet

diy-table-runner06Tutorial: taradennis

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