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“Pull Me Up” Tiramisu Recipes

Maybe the most delicious dessert, Tiramisu means “pull me up” in Italian. In fact there is only one recipe to make the perfect tiramisu; dip the ladyfingers in coffee, layer with a whipped mixture of egg yolks and mascarpone cheese, and flavor with Marsala wine and cocoa. Taking this recipe as a base, with some minor changes, you can give a new life to your tiramisu. These varieties still have the familiar flavors of Tiramisu but updated with berries, hazelnut and even transformed into cheesecakes. So choose one of them and crown your afternoon coffee with this special Italian treat.

Chocolate & Cherry Tiramisutiramisu06Recipe: slodkababka

Authentic Homemadetiramisu08Recipe: inspiredtaste

Cheesecake tiramisu02Recipe: kouzinomageiremata

Traditional Tiramisutiramisu05Recipe: dessertswithbenefits

StrawberryRecipe: simoneskitchen

Strawberrytiramisu04Recipe: coolrecepti

Hazelnut Tiramisu Caketiramisu07Recipe: themoonblushbaker

Tiramisu Cheesecaketiramisu03Recipe: butterthantoast

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