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Recipes with Goat Cheese for Breakfast and Brunch

How do you turn something good into something great? Goat cheese, that’s how! Have you ever imagined how delicious can be goat cheese and fig duo? By the help of this article you will even taste it. And we bet you will have your omlette with chive and goat cheese this weekend then revisit Sortrachen to seek for more extraordinary taste combinations. Now check the recipes below and restrain yourself in order not to lick the secreen.

Chèvre and Blackberry Raised DoughnutsChèvre and Blackberry Raised DoughnutsRecipe: bakeaholicmama

Cranberry Goat Cheese Breakfast BakeCRANBERRY GOAT CHEESE BREAKFAST BAKERecipe: vegetarianventures

Fig & Cheesefig cheeseRecipe: travel4taste

Goat cheese, tomato, avocadoGoat cheese, tomato, avocadoRecipe: nur5zutaten

Heirloom Eggs Benedictheirloom eggs benedictRecipe: fitcakes

Individual Frittatas with Roasted Red Peppers and Canadian BaconIndividual Frittatas with Roasted Red Peppers and Canadian BaconRecipe: cookingforkeeps

Mushroom, Microgreen & Goat Cheese OmeletMushroom, Microgreen & Goat Cheese OmeletRecipe: fresstyler

Open-Faced Egg & Goat Cheese SandwichOpen-Faced Egg & Goat Cheese SandwichRecipe: kitchenetteblog

Veggie Eggs BenedictVeggie Eggs BenedictRecipe: xxx

Veggie Quiche TartletVEGGIE QUICHE TARTLETRecipe: xxx

Goat Cheese-Thyme Egg Mini MuffinsGoat Cheese-Thyme Egg Mini MuffinsRecipe: joyfulhealthyeats

Goat’s cheese and chive scrambled eggsGoat’s cheese and chive scrambled eggsRecipe: amuse-your-bouche

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