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No Scrape Mayo Jar Dressing

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Hands up if you hate the nerve-wrecking labor of scraping the empty mayo jar!
Here comes a dressing recipe, which will spare you from the endless scraping forever.
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The leftover mayo jar will stand in as a shaker in that recipe.
Half measure vegetable and half measure of olive oil.
mayo jar04Photo Credit: acookgrowsinbrooklyn

To spice it up a notch, add some cayenne pepper, chopped parsley and dill.
dill parsleyPhoto Credit: simplyscratch

Straight into jar, add 3 crushed cloves of garlic, table spoon of vinegar.
VinegarPhoto Credit: simplyscratch

And secret ingredient, lavender cloves.
LavenderPhoto Credit: willows95988

Close the lid
Shake well.
Dress your salad.
The lavender adding will boost the perfume and the greens in your salad will sparkle up.
mayo jar08Photo Credit: braiseboilbake

SaladPhoto Credit: cbc

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