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Sweet and Salty Scones Recipes

Although our recipe box is full of recipes, we still look for more to discover different tastes. We especially search for various tea-time treats to serve our guests and accept their praise gracefully. Like cupcakes and muffins, scones are also single-serving, sweet or salty bread-like treats generally eaten in a cream tea. They also have various types in different countries and regions. Some contain chopped dried dates, and others include raisins, currants and cheese, with well-known, typical ones called soda, potato, griddle scones. We compiled a mixture of almost all types for you to enjoy these savory, bite-sized cuties.

Chai LatteChai LatteRecipe: theviewfromgreatisland

Cheddar Bay BiscuitsCheddar Bay Biscuits1Recipe: culinaryadventuresinthekitchen

Cinnamon Roll SconesCinnamon Roll Scones1Recipe: krissys-creations

Dulce de Leche Stuffed SconesDulce de Leche Stuffed Scones1Recipe: thesweetchick

Whole Wheat Strawberry SconesWhole Wheat Strawberry SconesRecipe: garlicgirl

Goat Cheese, Chive and MascarponeGoat Cheese, Chive and Mascarpone SconesRecipe: milk-and

Cheese and chive scones with garlic butterCheese and chive scones with garlic butterRecipe: amuse-your-bouche

Chocolate Toffee sconesChocolate Toffee sconesRecipe: pastryaffair

Blueberry Lemon and Blackberry ThymeBlueberry Lemon and Blackberry ThymeRecipe: localmilkblog

Banana Bread Chocolate Chip SconesBanana Bread Chocolate Chip SconesRecipe: babble

Cheddar BaconCheddar BaconRecipe: jensfavoritecookies

OreoOreoRecipe: thebakingrobot

PumpkinStarbucks Pumpkin SconesRecipe: sideofsneakers

Triple Berry CurdTriple Berry CurdRecipe: somethewiser

African DoughnutAfrican DoughnutRecipe: africanbites

Blackberry Sourdough Scones with Lemony GlazeBlackberry Sourdough Scones with Lemony GlazeRecipe: feastingathome

LemonadeLemonade SconesRecipe: beyondkimchee

Scallion CheddarScallion Cheddar SconesRecipe: leaandjay

Strawberry Shortcake CookiesStrawberry Shortcake CookiesRecipe: buddingbaketress

Maple Glazed PumpkinMaple Glazed Pumpkin SconesRecipe: somethewiser

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