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The Best Homemade Dumplings Recipes

Imagine delightful balls of dough no matter the way they are cooked or what they are filled in with, dumplings are always enough to make you happy and satisfied. Sweet or salty, fried, boiled or baked, make dumplings this evening to please your family and find the best recipes here. Each of them offers you the savoriest solution to your carb crisis.

Vegan GyozaVegan GyozaRecipe: norecipes

Pan-fried Beef Dumplings02 Pan-fried Beef Dumplings2Recipe: cookingisapain

Japanese Pork Potstickers25 Japanese Pork PotstickersRecipe: cheaprecipeblog

Curried Chicken Dumplings26 Curried Chicken Dumplings2Recipe: bashfulbao

Cheese & Potato Pierogi04 Cheese & Potato PierogiRecipe: globaltableadventure

30 Minute Shortcut Chicken and Dumplings05 30 Minute Shortcut Chicken and Dumplings2Recipe: parade

Chicken06 Chicken Dumplings2Recipe: malabar-ruchi

Mushroom Potstickers07 mushroom potstickersRecipe: foodiesarsenal

Shrimp11 Shrimp DumplingsRecipe: damndelicious

Cheese13 CheeseRecipe: natashaskitchen

Pan-Fried Dumplings14 Pan-Fried DumplingsRecipe: bsinthekitchen

Vegan Lasagna Bites15 VEGAN LASAGNA BITESRecipe: quicheaweek

Moroccan Beef Bundles16 Moroccan Beef BundlesRecipe: cbc

Tomato Basil Soup with Ricotta17 TOMATO BASIL SOUP WITH RICOTTA DUMPLINGSRecipe: acouplecooks

Pork18 Pork2Recipe: juniorhighfoodie

111SONY DSCRecipe: divinecusine

Almond Joy20 Almond Joy Dumplings2Recipe: veggiewala

Pork and Shrimp21 PORK AND SHRIMP POTSTICKERSRecipe: bevcooks

Chicken and Dumplings08 Chicken and DumplingsRecipe: thewickednoodle

Baked Apple Dumplings with Sweet Browned Butter Sauce23 Baked Apple Dumplings with Sweet Browned Butter SauceRecipe: sassandveracity

Chicken Pot Stickers03 Chicken Pot StickersRecipe: utry

Red Curry Shrimp09 red curry shrimp dumplingsRecipe: theperfectpantry

Fried12 Fried DumplingsRecipe: eggwansfoododyssey

Chicken Wing10 CHICKEN WING DUMPLINGSRecipe: littlekitchenbigflavors

Apple24 Apple DumplingsRecipe: jasonandshawnda

Zen Temple27 Zen Temple DumplingsRecipe: bigflavorstinykitchen

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