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The Best Homemade Gnocchi Recipes

Gnocchi are fluffy Italian-style dumplings traditionally made with potato, flour and egg . In Italy, they are generally served after appetizers as a first course. Like all dishes, gnocchi also have several tips for cooking process. One of the key points is keeping the potatoes as dry as possible so it is smarter to steam them rather than boiling. And another one is using lots of water while boiling gnocchi. After your gnocchi is done, you can partner them with various sauces like carbonara or herby tomato. Armed with these tips and the recipes we handpicked for you, it is time to go directly to the kitchen to take action!

Gnocchi Mac and Cheese
cheese-gnocchiRecipe: deliciouslydeclassified

Beet Gnocchi
beet-gnocchiRecipe: bitedelite

crispy-gnocchiRecipe: halfbakedharvest

Garlic Cauliflower
garlic-cauliflower-gnocchiRecipe: reclaimingprovincial

Gnocchi with Herby Tomato Sauce
gnocchi-herby-tomato-sauceRecipe: gourmantineblog

Sweet Potato Gnocchi
sweet-potato-gnocchiRecipe: acouplecooks

gnocchiRecipe: poormet

Whole Wheat
DSC_0190Recipe: comfortablehomelife

Gnocchi Carbonara
gnocchi-carbonaraRecipe: thecookingphotographer

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